dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Animation Mentor - Week 4

Already a month ! This stuff is going way too fast , but damn do I like it ^^

So ok, week 4, this week the main thing was timing and spacing and how to apply these principles to your work.

Therefore our big assignment this week was the 'Heavy/Light Ball bounce' where we had to animate 2 different balls with different weights, and see how timing and spacing affect these different balls.

So without further ado, my animation for this week, I decided to animate a bowling ball and a ping pong ball :



And then I also had a couple of notes on my previous ball bounce. I had to give it some extra frames to make the settle work better at the end, and I had to do some minor tweaks in the middle as well (especially the distance the ball travels in the first bounce after he hits the wall).

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