maandag 14 oktober 2013

Animation Mentor - Week 3

This week it was all about planning, and how to approach a shot.
Also we had a lecture about different ways of blocking (layered, pose to pose and straight ahead), and what the pros and cons are for every method.

We also got a special lecture from Bobby Beck himself, where he talked about how you can animate believable characters and how you can 'become your character' and therefore get better performances. Very interesting stuff !

As far as assignments go, we had to do our sketches again, this time for a pose that expressed 'excitement', and make a pose with Stu.

And then as another assignment we had to plan out and animate a BOUNCING BALL !!!

I already animated a lott of bawlls (yes I did type that) a couple of years ago but I really enjoyed doing it again and it was fun to go back to the basics. And although our mentor asked us to keep it to a simple A to B bouncing ball, I couldn't resist do to "something more" with it, so I put a wall in there and made it bounce against it. So without further ado here's my planning and bouncing ball ;)

Thanks for reading and cheerios !

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