dinsdag 1 april 2014

Animation Mentor - Class 2 - Week 12 & Progess Reel

So the time has come again, end of term 2 and start of term 3 : Advanced Body Mechanics !!!

This time there is no break between terms so that means I have to stay sharp and get right back into action this week !

But first...


Yet again we had to make a Progress Reel of what we've done this term, in order for our next mentor to see where we're at and for ourselves as well, to keep track of how we are evolving through this course.

Therefore I present to you my reel for 'Body Mechanics Basics with Rich Mckain'

And again, I had tons of fun this term, met a whole bunch of new students and had a blast with our mentor Rich Mckain.

Also want to say thanks to Jason Martinsen who did a couple of Q&A's with us when Rich was abscent ! Learned a lot from both of you guys...and now I'm even more pumped to continue my way through this course !

Cheerios lads and thanks for reading !

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