zondag 29 september 2013

First week of AM !!!

Animation School
So my first week of Animation Mentor is official, and I'm loving it !!!

We started off this week with an introduction video where most of the people representing AM and a lot of other animators from the industry talk about how it's like being an animator, and basically, why it is so awesome to have this as a profession. 

And because this was the first week, we didn't really have an assignment yet. We only had to fill out our profiles and make sure that we had a picture, and also introduce ourselves at the weekly Q&A. (which was a blast !)

So I met my mentor for this first term, Ray Chase, who is currently the directing animator on Free Birds at ReelFX and who is an awesome guy in general, and I also met my fellow classmates ^^ ! 

Allthough it was really early for me (5 am), it was a very interesting first meeting with all of them, and I really liked the atmosphere that was hanging in that virtual classroom. I'm really looking forward to get my first assignment and to continue my animation journey !

And also, from now on I'll try to post in this blog every week, probably around Sunday / Monday evening ;)

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