woensdag 18 september 2013

AnimationRigs Tutorials

The people over at AnimationRigs have made a couple of really great small tutorials which are a must-see for every animator ! These are nifty little tips and tricks (that you maybe didn't know yet) that can help you animate more efficiently ^^

I learned a lot from these specific clips, but if you go over to their vimeopage, there's even more !

Manipulators: In the second part they talk about aligning you manipulator to custom axes. This makes things easier when your character or object is totally unalligned in space and you can't rely on your world or local axes.

Camera Space Nudge: You can translate something with only a pixel (using Alt + arrowkeys) ! Ideal for fixing pops (walkcycles,...) and it's in your camspace so it doesn't matter if your axes are aligned or not !

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