zondag 19 januari 2014

Animation Mentor - Class 2 - Week 1 & 2

So it's that time again ^^
New class ! New people ! New assignments !

These first two weeks have been a blast so far. I met my fellow classmates and they are all eager to be in the body mechanics class to up their game and learn a ton of new tricks ! Also my mentor, Rich, who I've now seen a couple of times already on the Q&A is a really awesome guy and also very inspiring ! You can tell he's ready as well to push us to that next level ^^


For the first week we had to get used to one of the new rigs Animation Mentor has, and that's Stella. She's a lovely girl who wants to be animated like crazy ! So in order to get used to this new type of rig we had to make a couple of poses that suggested 'movement'. I went with these two and kept in mind some things like silhouette, line of action, negative spaces and appeal of the character.


In our second week we built further upon our previous walkcycles and prepared for our first full body walkcycle. You could chose if you wanted to do a vanilla walk or a walk with character. I went with the second one and came up with a sassy/sexy walk where Stella is smoking from a Cruella De Vil typed cigaretteholder.

We had to plan this out, shoot reference and turn in our blocking. And in that order, here's what I turned in ;)

I focused on getting the mechanics right first, and I'm going to add the secondary action in there next week, after I got feedback on this ^^

Cheerios and thanks for reading !

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